The Denver Star Hoodie

The Denver Star Hoodie


Custom personal inside neck tag including name, hometown, and birth year

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55% cotton/39% polyester/6% rayon

Founded in 1888 and published in Denver, the Denver Star was a weekly paper that served the African American community in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, and New Mexico. The paper acted as a channel through which its readers could “voice their opinions, assert their rights, and demand their due recognition.” The newspaper reported local, church, and society news and events, as well as national stories that would be of particular interest to African Americans residing in the Mountain West. The publication also featured op-eds about interracial marriage, Jim Crow Laws, and segregation. When the controversial movie Birth of a Nation was released in 1915, the paper ran opinion pieces condemning the film, noting in one such piece that its evil “lies in the fact that the play is both a denial of the power of development within the free Negro and an exaltation of race war.” The paper repeatedly called on its readership to boycott Birth of a Nation and printed scathing opinion pieces such as a speech delivered by William Lewis, the first African American assistant attorney general, in which he referred to the reels of the film as “three miles of filth.”

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